Hot Dog Vendor in New York

The Buddhist Hot Dog Vendor

So there I was. In New York. For the first time. Finally, my dream of visiting the Big Apple came true. I explored the city and quickly noticed that New York must be home to more hot dog vendors than any other city. Practically on every street corner, there was a hot dog vendor. Amazing!

This definitely isn't a Buddhist Hot Dog Vendor

While I was walking down world famous Fifth Street, I noticed an Asian hot dog vendor. The sign above his stall read “Buddhist Hot Dog Vendor”. This made me smile and I approached to order.

“Please make me one with everything,” I said and the hot dog vendor nodded, smiled, and began to prepare my hot dog. Bun and dog, sauerkraut, relish and onions, and a healthy portion of mustard. My mouth began to water.

I handed the vendor a 20 Dollar bill and he handed me the hot dog and then turned to the next customer. I said, “Hold on a second… What about my change?”

“Oh,” he responded with a big smile, “Change… change must come from within!

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