Timeless Tales and the Hero's Journey

Hello, fellow storyteller!

This is a personal project where I’ve explored a diverse array of stories, each accompanied by a brief summary, an analysis of key themes, and an examination of how each narrative aligns with Joseph Campbell’s “Hero’s Journey” framework.

With the assistance of ChatGPT, I’ve been able to dive deep into the universal patterns and motifs that stories from various cultures share, highlighting their significance and the profound impact they have on human creativity and understanding. Whether you’re a student, educator, writer, or a lover of good stories, this resource is designed to offer valuable insights into the art of storytelling and the common threads that weave through different cultures and times.

In this collection, hosted on Notion, each entry provides a concise overview, exploring the central themes and discussing how each story conforms to, or diverges from, the classic stages of the Hero’s Journey. My goal is to enrich the reading experience and enhance appreciation of how traditional and modern narratives continue to shape our world.

I invite you to explore these stories to discover the depths of human imagination and the enduring power of narratives to shape, challenge, and reflect our deepest values and beliefs. Whether revisiting old favorites or encountering new adventures, I hope this page serves as a gateway to the endless lessons and joys that stories can provide.

Enjoy your journey through these pages!