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Getting on Shark Tank is no easy feat.

About 40,000 companies apply each season.

Of those, only 158 get to pitch in front of the sharks.

And of those pitches, fewer than 100 will air!

Imagine how it feels to prepare for such a tremendous opportunity, go through all the motions and spending countless hours rehearsing, only to end up on the cutting floor?

With professional coaching, you’re increasing your chances that this won’t happen.

Watch this 3-minute clip in which the founders of RomperJack, who pitched in the Shark Tank in season 13, explain why their coaching sessions with us were so crucial.

Meet Your Dynamic Coaching Duo​

Elevating an idea into a captivating narrative for the global stage requires more than just impeccable delivery; it demands nerves of steel, astute business acumen, and the finesse to tackle hard-hitting investor queries.

Enter Claudio Sennhauser and Nathan Gold – your unparalleled duo primed to sharpen both your presenting and spontaneous response skills.

Claudio has watched and analyzed every pitch and every Q&A on Shark Tank and knows how to prepare you for even the most difficult questions you’ll get.

Claudio at a glance:

  • 20 years tech evangelism and paving the way for innovative tech narratives.
  • 15+ years coaching individuals from startups to tech giants like Ricoh, Sony, and Dell.
  • Authored “The Founder’s Guide to Presenting”.

Rooted in the tech hub of San Francisco, Nathan possesses the innate skill of turning intricate tech-jargon into relatable, compelling tales.

Nathan’s highlights:

  • A master in crafting tech pitches that not only inform but resonate and inspire.
  • Author of “Harness Your Speaking Anxiety”, providing techniques to conquer public speaking nerves.
  • Twice decorated with the DEMOgod Award, mentoring several others to this esteemed recognition.

A Partnership Formed from Excellence

Over the years, Claudio and Nathan have synergized their expertise, coaching numerous Shark Tank contestants to command the stage.

But where they truly shine is preparing contestants for the unexpected – the pivotal Q&A sessions.

This is where deals are clinched or lost!

With over 30 years of combined coaching experience, they ensure you are not only pitch perfect but also Q&A ready.

Their invaluable tech background, combined with their depth in persuasive communication, makes certain that every word you utter leaves an indelible mark.

Ready to seize the stage – and handle every question thrown your way?

From Shark Tank Audition to the Studio

Part of our Shark Tank coaching includes the review of your audition tape.

Audition Tape Review

Get expert eyes on your pitch video.

Stepping onto the Shark Tank stage begins long before you face the sharks—it starts with a compelling audition tape.

Submit your video and receive in-depth analysis from us. Our unique approach involves recording video feedback, allowing you to not only hear but visually understand the segments of your pitch that shine and those that need refining.

Elevate your tape from good to unforgettable with our professional insights.

Our Shark Tank coaching program for those who want a quick sanity check of their pitch and find out if they are Q&A worthy.

Pitch Readiness Check

The ultimate test-drive of your pitch and Q&A readiness.

Uncertain about your pitch? Need that extra assurance before diving deep into the tank?

Our Pitch Readiness Check is just the ticket. In this single, power-packed session, we'll provide you with immediate feedback on your pitch's strength, resonance, and potential areas of improvement.

Moreover, you'll experience a simulated Q&A session, offering you a taste of the heat and the strategies to withstand it.

Are you ready? You'll find out!

The ultimate Shark Tank coaching program.

Tailored Coaching Program

Your Personal Pitch Refinement Journey.

Our Shark Tank Coaching focuses on more than just crafting an influential pitch. We ensure you're ready to crush it during Q&A.

Prepare to undergo rigorous pitch practice, coupled with a simulated Q&A session that mirrors the intense scrutiny of the sharks.

Leveraging state-of-the-art online meeting technology, we recreate the pressure-packed ambiance of the tank, ensuring you're fortified against even Mr. Wonderful's grilling.

Empower your Shark Tank journey with coaching
that’s as tenacious and visionary as you are.

Our Shark Tank Method Has Been Tested

"Your insights and support were instrumental in my success, and I am incredibly thankful for your unwavering belief in my vision."
Haley McClain Hill - Season 15
"If I would do it again, I would hire you two guys a thousand times over. You made the difference. We definitely wouldn't have prepared as well without you."
Justin Clark - Season 13
“We can't thank you both enough for everything. I hope you know how instrumental your role was in our success.”
ActionGlow Bros. - Season 14
"You guys were fantastic! I felt our confidence increase with each session. By the time it was go-time, we were ready!"
Wyatt Thompson - Season 13

Ready to dive into the Shark Tank with confidence? Let’s get started.

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