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Unlock Your Speaking Potential

Make Every Word Count. Make Every Moment Matter.

One-on-One Coaching

Personalized Path to Confidence and Clarity

Whether you’re preparing for a crucial investor pitch, an upcoming media appearance, or a competitive speaking event, my personalized approach will hone your presentation skills, refine your messaging, and boost your confidence. Experience the same coaching that has prepared contestants for Shark Tank and other high-stakes presentations.

Coaching Session


Interactive Learning Experiences

Empower your team with the skills to communicate effectively. My workshops, held as virtual events, are designed for groups of all sizes. Through interactive exercises, real-world scenarios, and personalized feedback, participants will learn techniques to present confidently, persuade audiences, and convey their messages with clarity and impact. Happy clients include Sony, Ricoh, Dell, and more.

Keynote Presentations

Talks to Captivate Your Audience

Enhance your next conference, corporate event, or seminar with a magical keynote presentation that leaves a lasting impression. Drawing on years of experience in high-impact speaking, I deliver engaging, thought-provoking keynotes tailored to your event’s theme and audience. Topics range from the art of storytelling in business to mastering public speaking in the age of AI.

What Clients are Saying:

It was a true pleasure and lots of fun working with Claudio. He was able to clearly identify where work was needed, so precisely, that the changes required became instantly obvious. Every suggestion and comment improved the presentation and as a seasoned speaker I appreciated his collaborative, open approach and laser-sharp analysis.
Suzanne Catty
Suzanne Catty
Every meeting with Claudio in the run-up to the conference was really constructive, from big-picture framing advice to specific wording suggestions. I appreciated most of all his tone–authoritative without any condescension, and positive even while providing useful criticism.
David Cutler
I highly recommend anyone who is going to pitch or present anything important to work with Claudio. You’ll definitely reach a new level in your presentation skills.
Anton Trantin
Anton Trantin
We won Top Innovator, Australian Seafood with our pitch. The coaching sessions we had with Claudio were most definitely what got us across the line. He helped me find my confidence and put together an award winning pitch.
Lisa Elliott
Lisa Elliott