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Last upodated: December 14, 2023


Hello and welcome to my digital abode, This privacy policy is not just a bunch of boring legal jargon – it’s a heartfelt promise from me to you about how I guard your precious data like a dragon hoards treasure (minus the fire-breathing, of course).

What Information Do I Collect?

Here’s the scoop:

  • Mailchimp Subscription Form: When you bravely decide to subscribe to my mailing list, I collect your email address. Think of it as me asking, “May I send you some cool stuff via email?” No spam, pinky promise!
  • Calendly Appointment Scheduling: When you book an appointment, which I’m super excited about, I’ll need a bit of info like your name and email. It’s just so I can be sure I’m talking to the right awesome person at the right time.

How Do I Use Your Information?

  • Communication: I use your details to chat with you about appointments or send you updates with tips to keep leveling up your secret weapon: your communication skills.
    Service Improvement: Your feedback and interactions help me improve my website. It’s like a digital glow-up, constantly evolving thanks to your input.

How Do I Protect Your Information?

I’m the lone guardian of your info. No knights, squires, or jesters – just me, Claudio, armed with top-notch security measures (and maybe a virtual sword) to keep your data safe from digital dragons and internet trolls.

Cookies and Tracking Technologies

My website is a cookie-free zone – no chocolate chip or digital ones lurking around. However, third-party services like Mailchimp and Calendly might use cookies, but that’s their recipe, not mine. Check their privacy policies if you’re curious (or hungry for cookies).

Third-Party Disclosure

I don’t trade, sell, or share your info. It’s not a secret potion ingredient; it’s your personal info, and it stays with me. My trusted partners who help me run this show have also taken the ‘keep-it-secret-keep-it-safe’ vow.

Your Rights Over Your Data

You have the magical abilities to:

  • Peek at the personal data I have about you.
  • Ask me to fix any data about you that might be off.
  • Request that I make your data vanish from my systems.

Changes to My Privacy Policy

I update this policy from time to time. Stay tuned for the latest version – it’s like a TV show’s new season but for privacy stuff.

Contact Me

Got questions? Need a digital shoulder to lean on? Reach out to me at, and I’ll be there faster than you can say “privacy policy.”