RomperJack on Shark Tank

How I helped RomperJack prepare for Shark Tank

Getting on Shark Tank is no easy feat. About 40,000 companies apply each season. Of those, only 158 get to pitch in front of the sharks. And of those pitches, fewer than 100 will air.

It’s a game-changing experience for the few entrepreneurs that actually make it onto your screen at home. Each episode attracts millions of viewers. Such an exposure is priceless. 

What does it take to prepare for Shark Tank?

Shark Tank is entertainment. And what makes for good entertainment is an interesting product. So the more interesting your product is, the higher your chances it will capture the attention of a TV audience.

You also need to be fully committed to your business. The producers of the show want to see founders who are enthusiastic, passionate, and persistent in the pursuit of their dream.

While existing sales is not a requirement, it definitely helps to make it through the process. Evidence that proves your idea is a real opportunity goes a long way in standing out.

You also need to be extremely well prepared. A Shark Tank pitch is like no other investor pitch. It is all about the entertainment factor. If you want your pitch to make it to the air, you’ll have to lead with your most entertaining self.

And preparing extremely well is what Justin Clark and Wyatt Thompson, the founders of RomperJack, did. Together with high-stakes presentation guru Nathan Gold, I had the pleasure of helping this remarkable founder team prepare for Shark Tank.

To find out how we helped them and learn more about their experience, watch our wrap-up interview we did after the show aired in season 13:

If you are looking at the prospect of a Shark Tank appearance and want to prepare as well as Justin and Wyatt did, I’d be happy to help. Schedule a discovery call or contact me to find out how together we can increase your chances to get your pitch on the air.

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