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Death by PowerPoint - and how to fight it

Death by PowerPoint and How to Fight It

When I was browsing through Slideshare today, I found this gem: Death by PowerPoint – and how to fight it. It’s simply too good not to share, because it offers some real solid advice on how to make your PowerPoint slides work for you instead of against you. Alexei Kapterev gives some solid and

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Creating the Automatic Yes by Jonathan Altfeld

Review: “Creating the Automatic YES” by Jonathan Altfeld

Jonathan Altfeld is an internationally known trainer of communication skills. He recently released his latest creation, the 4-CD set “Creating the Automatic YES”. In this program, Jonathan teaches how to elicit and influence emotional states in elegant and natural ways. Although the program focuses on one-on-one communication, all of the skills and

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Ommwriter – The Text Editor That Helps You Concentrate

“Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.” Alexander Graham Bell A memorable product demonstration requires adequate planning and preparation. Preparing for a demo typically involves some creative writing. Writing down your key messages, relevant stories, and the main benefits your customers get from using your product is a cruicial

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MindMeister - an online mind mapping program

Manage Your Thoughts with MindMeister

Whenever I work with a client on their presentation or demo script, I first create a mind map. It helps me understand the different chunks of information and their relationship. And mind mapping software makes it easy to change the sequence and flow of a presentation or product demo. To

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Learning the Language of Short Form…on Twitter

This morning I came across the blog post “From Telegraph to Twitter: The Language of Short Form” by Roy Peter Clark, the author of the book “Writing Tools” and producer of the hit podcast by the same name. In his post, Clark writes about the impact Twitter has on language. As a late adopter,

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Expect the Unexpected During Your Demo

Giving Memorable Product Demos

Some projects just take a while to finish. The book Giving Memorable Product Demos was one of those projects. The hard work and careful attention to detail was worth it though. I’m very proud of this book and tickled to see it now listed at Praise for Giving Memorable Product Demos

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Hot Dog Vendor in New York

The Buddhist Hot Dog Vendor

So there I was. In New York. For the first time. Finally, my dream of visiting the Big Apple came true. I explored the city and quickly noticed that New York must be home to more hot dog vendors than any other city. Practically on every street corner, there was

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