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Don McMillan: How to NOT use PowerPoint

How To NOT Use PowerPoint

The internet is full of great advice how to use presentation software like PowerPoint or Keynote. There are many great books available to help presenters create more effective and powerful slides. Yet looking at a typical presentation, it seems not many presenters are paying attention. Perhaps it helps if the message is

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Nancy Duarte uncovering the Secret Structure of Great Talks

The Secret Structure of Great Talks

Could it be that some of the most memorable speeches have a common structure? They most definitely do according to Nancy Duarte. She uncovers a secret structure of great talks that move the audience repetitively from “what is” to “what could be” states of awareness. Duarte compares Martin Luther King’s “I

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Guy Kawasaki - How to Enchant an Audience

Guy Kawasaki explains How to Enchant an Audience

Apple’s former chief evangelist, Guy Kawasaki, recently published his 10th book: Enchantment.  In the book, Kawasaki shares his insight about the art of changing hearts, minds, and actions. This book is all about influencing others. Kind of a modern day version of Dale Carnegie’s “How to Win Friends and Influence People“. Because

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Carmine Gallo at Stanford University

Carmine Gallo Shares Presentation Techniques

Carmine Gallo, communication coach extraordinaire, recently gave a fascinating presentation to faculty and students at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business. Watch it below to see Carmine Gallo in action and see him demonstrate what he teaches. Pay close attention to how he uses body language (eye contact, open posture, and hand

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One of the Deadly Sins of Software Demos: Disrespecting Time

The Seven Deadly Sins of Software Demos

Ideally, a software demo moves the sales cycle forward. Your aim, as a demonstrator, is to convey to your audience just how user-friendly your product is, while at the same time showing how it adds value to their business. Delivering your demo poorly, however, often leads to the opposite: it

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Tim Ferris - Presentation Advice Notes

How to Get Good at Public Speaking

At the SXSW Interactive tech conference, Tim Ferriss was asked “What books should I read to learn how to get good at public speaking?” In his typical way to cut right through the chase, he didn’t recommend any specific book, but rather outlined what he does to prepare for speaking engagements: Five Ferriss Tips

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Expect the Unexpected During Your Demo

Expect the Unexpected During Your Demo

This post is an excerpt from my book “Giving Memorable Product Demos”. Even though your demo is well rehearsed and you are confident your message is well crafted and in logical order, many things can still go wrong during a demo. Experienced demonstrators will have runinto some challenges before,and therefore know how to work

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Great Demo by Peter Cohan

This Christmas Story Will Improve Your Next Demo

Peter E. Cohan is the author of Great Demo!, one of the few books specifically written for product demonstrators. As of today, he is also the author of the first ever Christmas Story for product demonstrators: ‘Twas the Night Before The Big Demo(with apologies to Clement Clarke Moore): ‘Twas the night ‘fore

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Tim Ferris - How to Smash Fear and Learn Anything

Tim Ferris explains How to Smash Fear and Learn Anything

I’m quite a fan of the TED website and often find videos that are relevant to presenters and product demonstrators. Either because these videos are first class examples of great presentations, or they provide insight that is relevant to improving your own presentation skills. In the video below, Tim Ferris, author of The 4-Hour

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