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Elevate Your On-Screen Presence!

We'll do it again soon...

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Your Ticket to an Outstanding Online Presence

Our first Online Pitch Challenge was a smashing success!

But no worries. We’ll do it again soon…


Claudio Sennhauser

Author of
The Founder's Guide to Presenting

5 Days to
Online Pitch Confidence

The rules have changed and online meetings are here to stay.

Pitching online adds another level of complexity and at the same time a great opportunity for you to stand out from the crowd.

Here's my promise to you

When you master your on-screen communication, you will not only gain a competitive edge today, you will experience an increase in confidence that stays with you for life.

At the end of this challenge, you will have:

  • Increased CONFIDENCE to shine on camera.
  • An ON-SCREEN PRESENCE that will stand out.
  • SKILLS, TOOLS, and a MINDSET to persuade online.

Creating a powerful online pitch and learning the skills to deliver it effectively takes time, no matter what. 

It could take months …

…or 5 days in which you complete short daily exercises that will add up to a new you when pitching online.

I look forward to seeing you on February 6!

Until then… happy pitching!

How Does it work, exactly?

Sign up today and a few days before the challenge begins, you’ll get a link to join a private LinkedIn Group.

On the first day of the challenge, the fun and learning begins.

Every day, you will receive an exercise via email with instructions on exactly what to do.

Next, you’ll get in front of your webcam, record a brief video, and post it to the LinkedIn Group to complete the exercise.

You’ll get quick feedback, encouragement and support from me and the community.

By the end of this challenge, you’ll be confident in your ability to pitch online to investors and customers so you can GROW YOUR BUSINESS faster.

Ready? GO FOR IT!!!

Elevate Your On-Screen Presence

...and gain a competitive edge!

Our first Online Pitch Challenge was a smashing success!

But no worries. We’ll do it again soon…

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