How To NOT Use PowerPoint

The internet is full of great advice how to use presentation software like PowerPoint or Keynote. There are many great books available to help presenters create more effective and powerful slides. Yet looking at a typical presentation, it seems not many presenters are paying attention.

Perhaps it helps if the message is delivered with a bit of humor. Watch Don McMillan tell the world how to NOT use PowerPoint. As funny and as relevant as ever.

My favorite four ways how to NOT use PowerPoint covered by Don McMillan:

Put every word on your slide

Although this eliminates the need to memorize your presentation, it makes your slides crowded, wordy, and boring.

Not use spell cheek

Nothing makes you lok stupder than spelling erors. If a word’s got a red line under it, recheck the spelling!

Too many bullet points

Avoid excessive bullet pointing. Your key points will not stand out. In fact, the term bullet point comes from people firing guns at annoying presenters.

Bad color schemes

Clashing background and font colors can lead to distraction, confusion, headaches, nausea, vomiting, and lack of bladder control.

Watch the video above. But please, refrain from drinking while you do so…or you will end up having to clean coffee from your computer screen.

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