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Giving Memorable Product Demos

Some projects just take a while to finish. The book Giving Memorable Product Demos was one of those projects. The hard work and careful attention to detail was worth it though. I’m very proud of this book and tickled to see it now listed at

Giving Memorable Product Demos

Praise for Giving Memorable Product Demos

I am especially proud of the feedback we have received from our early readers. Here are a few of the kind words we were sent:

“Giving Memorable Product Demos is the difference between being forgotten and generating raving fans and profits through every word and action.”
Joel Bauer, Author and Infotainer

“The authors have given a career’s worth of memorable product demos and generously shared their expertise with hundreds of product pitchmen. This book captures all that experience in a concise, valuable, highly-useful text. Giving Memorable Product Demos is a Must Read for every product manager, no matter what your industry.”
Chris Shipley, Executive Producer, The DEMO Conferences

“ANY salesperson will profit from this wonderful book. It talks not only about Product Demos but how to put ideas and feelings in the head of the customer to make them want. Great job done Nathan and Claudio!”
Chris Mulzer, CEO kikidan media, Berlin

“In all things, your growth is limited by the quality of the experts you choose to learn from. To give powerful and compelling demos, you can do no better than learning from Sennhauser & Gold. This is it; this is the pinnacle. If you don’t want to leave your future demos to chance, get this book!”
Jonathan Altfeld, Trainer of targeted uses of NLP, & author of NLP & Hypnosis home-study programs such as “Finding Your Irresistible Voice” and “The Metaphor Machine.”

“Finally a book dedicated to the art of giving successful product demos. The advice given by the authors is right on and will make even the most seasoned presenter more effective while planning, preparing, and executing their demo.”
Kate Purmal, President, Kate Purmal Consulting

“If giving technological demos is important to your business, then ‘Giving Memorable Product Demos’ is a lifesaver. In it, Nathan and Claudio arm you with all the strategies you need to educate, entertain, and influence your audience, so that they’re excited to do business with you.”
Mark Levy, Founder of Levy Innovation LLC, and author or co-creator of four books, including “How to Persuade People Who Don’t Want to be Persuaded”

“This is a bible for all people who think they understand how to demo products. It shows you exactly how to KISS!”
J. Dennis Wolfe, Insurance Broker-Owner and Author

“Open this book and you’ll find that it’s much more than a primer for young entrepreneurs. It starts out with a simple idea: inventory and critique your presentation skills using a video camera in one continuous take. From that point on, Gold and Sennhauser show entrepreneurs and other presenters how to build and deliver effective live product demonstrations using basic and proven techniques.”
Jim Forbes, Executive Producer of the DEMO Conference

Check it out. It’s a great gift for your friends too!

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