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Start Your Successful Product Demo on the Right Foot

How To Start Any Successful Product Demo

At some point in your sales cycle, your prospect wants to see your product in action. This is a very critical step toward closing the sale, because a product demo can make or break a deal. But how should you start your demo? Too often, a sales engineer just jumps into the

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One of the Deadly Sins of Software Demos: Disrespecting Time

The Seven Deadly Sins of Software Demos

Ideally, a software demo moves the sales cycle forward. Your aim, as a demonstrator, is to convey to your audience just how user-friendly your product is, while at the same time showing how it adds value to their business. Delivering your demo poorly, however, often leads to the opposite: it

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Great Demo by Peter Cohan

This Christmas Story Will Improve Your Next Demo

Peter E. Cohan is the author of Great Demo!, one of the few books specifically written for product demonstrators. As of today, he is also the author of the first ever Christmas Story for product demonstrators: ‘Twas the Night Before The Big Demo(with apologies to Clement Clarke Moore): ‘Twas the night ‘fore

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Expect the Unexpected During Your Demo

Giving Memorable Product Demos

Some projects just take a while to finish. The book Giving Memorable Product Demos was one of those projects. The hard work and careful attention to detail was worth it though. I’m very proud of this book and tickled to see it now listed at Praise for Giving Memorable Product Demos

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