Claudio Sennhauser, helping people prepare for high-impact presentations like investor pitches, keynotes, and Shark Tank appearances, since 2008.

Hi! I'm Claudio.

I have been coaching people for high-impact presentations for more than 15 years.

As a presentation coach I prepare people for spotlight moments like investor pitches, keynote presentations, or even that thrilling Shark Tank appearance.

My Origin Story

Once upon a 1982, fresh-faced Claudio embarked on a prestigious business apprenticeship with NCR in Switzerland.

Fast forward to the mid to late 80s, I was introducing state-of-the-art tech (read: Personal Computers) to companies. But the real plot twist?

In 1990, I was tasked with introducing one of the world’s first tablet computers, the NCR Notepad, to the Swiss market. The catch? I had no real device to show for the first few months, just a wooden model.

That’s when I realized that the power of compelling storytelling can make people believe in things they can’t even see.

If I was able to get results with a wooden tablet, imagine what you could do with your ideas!

Claudio Sennhauser in 1984
With my friend Rolf Holer during our apprenticeship at NCR in Switzerland
NCR Notepad 3125
The NCR Notepad — launched in 1991

Tech Evangelist Meets World

In the 90s, I gallivanted around the globe, preaching the tablet gospel before tablets were cool. And Apple? They took their sweet time (20 years, to be exact) to join the party with the iPad.

While the tech world was thrilling, my true passion was always about the magic of words and the art of persuasion. During my career I sought the wisdom of legends like Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy, and Zig Ziglar — until eventually studying under the persuasive mastermind, Richard Bandler to become a Certified Trainer of NLP.

By 2008, armed with two decades of tech evangelism and some solid persuasion tricks up my sleeve, I leaped into the world of presentation coaching.

Life as a Presentation Coach

Since 2008, I’ve been training and coaching professionals, prepping them for high-impact presentations.

From startups to corporate giants like Ricoh, Sony, IBM, and even Shark Tank hopefuls, I’ve given them the tools to captivate audiences.

My secret sauce? A mix of humor, expertise, and a dash of emotional appeal.

When I’m not coaching, catch me on PitchZone – a weekly live show to dissect, discuss, and fine-tune the art of presenting together with a special guest.

Oh, and did I mention I wrote a book? Check out The Founder’s Guide to Presenting for all my nuggets of wisdom.

So, whether you’re presenting your life’s work or simply trying to convince your cat to get off the couch, let’s chat. I promise, it’ll be enlightening (and maybe a little fun, too)!

Teaching presentation skills is not only my job — It’s my passion

What Clients are Saying:

It was a true pleasure and lots of fun working with Claudio. He was able to clearly identify where work was needed, so precisely, that the changes required became instantly obvious. Every suggestion and comment improved the presentation and as a seasoned speaker I appreciated his collaborative, open approach and laser-sharp analysis.
Suzanne Catty
Suzanne Catty
Every meeting with Claudio in the run-up to the conference was really constructive, from big-picture framing advice to specific wording suggestions. I appreciated most of all his tone–authoritative without any condescension, and positive even while providing useful criticism.
David Cutler
I highly recommend anyone who is going to pitch or present anything important to work with Claudio. You’ll definitely reach a new level in your presentation skills.
Anton Trantin
Anton Trantin
We won Top Innovator, Australian Seafood with our pitch. The coaching sessions we had with Claudio were most definitely what got us across the line. He helped me find my confidence and put together an award winning pitch.
Lisa Elliott
Lisa Elliott